Adamite is one of the most sought after crystals for collectors. These rare, high-quality orthorhombic crystals are highly pigmented with a crisp apple green that is the result of minor copper inclusions perfectly incorporated into a gemmy translucent crystal cluster held together by a vibrant orange brown amber host rock known a limonite creating a striking contrast that is sure to capture the gaze of its audience. These adamites are hand selected from the majestic Ojuela Mine in Durango, Mexico where 99.9% of the world’s greatest adamites come from.


Metaphysical Application

Adamite is a great stone for those who want to change careers, be more effective at work, gain support of coworkers, attract a raise, or move forward with career aspirations free of fear and stagnation.

Adamite is a bright, happy stone to use for healing issues in the the matters of income, work, habits and values. The energetic properties of this crystal structure assist in letting things go that prevent you from connecting and actively working with your hearts desire by means of doing what you love for work.

The playful, bright colors of adamite connect with the wonder of your inner child, allowing it to surface in meaningful and enjoyable ways in your adult life. It’s sweetness and feminine qualities assist you in connecting to compassion and drawing it out in actionable ways.

It’s vibrant sheen moves through dense energies and clears them to connect you to your inner joy, and childlike wonder in matters of work. It’s high energy invigorates it’s user with vitality, and energy, helping them get more done and be more effective. A great tool to lighten up, be more cheerful and pleasant to be around.

Clearing away blockages makes it easier to make difficult decisions as adamite reminds you to follow your joy to better outcomes. The more you follow your joy, the more you have, and the more joy you have, the more joy you attract.

Resonating with this energy is great for manifesting income as a positive, happy outlook, with active engagement encourages others to want to support you, spend time with you and help you.


Color: Green – Heart, Healing, Nature, Serenity | Yellow – Energetic, Confident, Happy

Crystalline Structure: Orthorhombic – Cleansing, Clearing, Letting Go

Chakra Association: Heart Chakra – Anahata | Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura

Energy Type: Feminine – Internal Work

Elemental Association: Fire, Air

Planetary Association: Vesta

Astrological Association: Taurus

General Application: Second House

Quality Level: Highest Commercial

Locality: Mexico

Mineral Group: Arsenates – Zinc Arsenate

Hardness: 3.5/10




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