Almandine Garnets

These almandine garnets come from China. These are commercial grade and meant more for connoisseurs of tumbled stones, palm stones or the like, as opposed to collector grade, singular specimen stones. They appear black but under the right illumination they are a deep, ruby red.


Metaphysical Application

Garnet is an excellent stone to complete root chakra work related to how you interact with others, your environment, and society as a whole with a stable, grounded energy.

Garnet is a beautiful, deep, and incredibly strong stone to use for healing of issues related to how you interact with others, including attachment work, healthy interdependence, and feeling safe in your relationships. The energetic properties of this crystal structure assist in providing strength, a sense of stability, focus, and encouragement to move forward towards self-improvement in the areas of healing relational trauma with others.

The deep, dark blood red color of garnet connect you to the dark and mystical powers of feminine menstrual blood, the most feared and revered alchemical substance known to man. It’s power and grounded connection to the divine mother earth allows you to transmute the heaviest of emotions blocking you from feeling able to connect, trust and rely on others, getting your deepest emotional needs met while still feeling safe, and supported.

It’s darkness and strength support you even in complex issues such as generational trauma, attachment trauma, romantic trauma, and patriarchal trauma allowing you to face the roots of your relational issues with strength, endurance, safety and protection. Working through deeply rooted lower vibrations opens your auric and etheric bodies to attract support, receive devotion and love, trust in abundance, experience balanced emotions, authentically connect with your sexual passions, feel safe in your body, and powerfully re-integrate soul fractures and pieces lost in the past.

Resonating with this energy is great for tapping into your divine powers of regeneration and transmutation to reclaim your rightful place in the world as a safe, deeply loved, and supported individual.


Color: Red – Passion, Power, Sex

Crystalline Structure: Cubic – Stabilizing, Focused, Strengthening

Chakra Association: Earth Star Chakra | Root Chakra

Energy Type: Feminine – Internal Work

Elemental Association: Earth

Planetary Association: Juno

Astrological Association: Capricorn

General Application: Seventh House

Quality Level: Commercial

Locality: China

Mineral Group: Silicates – Neosilicate

Hardness: 7/10



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