Faden Quartz

Faden means “string” in German and if you look at these examples of this quartz variety you can see the string in our wonderfully lustrous examples. Tabular, and gemmy, these specimens have been chosen for their wonderful clarity and nearly wet appearance. Fabulous examples of this rare quartz occurrence. These specimens are collector grade. Pakistan produces the finest fadens and these have been high-graded from multiple purchases direct from the mine.


Metaphysical Application

Faden Quartz is a unique, mystical and captivating stone that features inner fractures that appear as strings. The energetic properties of this crystal structure work as an illuminative guide that assists with energetic healing in regards to energetic roots from upbringing and bonds one has made throughout their lifetime.

Because Fadens by nature were formed by being fractured and then “healing” themselves, they very much resonate with Chiron energy – the wounded healer archetype that is a powerful ally for emotional and energetic transformation. This is an excellent ally to “feel out” holes in your auric, psychic, emotional, and etheric field and intuitively heal them.

It’s threads represent the silver cords that connect us to our past and future selves, as well as everyone else, making this an ideal tool for soul retrieval, past life recall, connecting to various energetic grid systems and directly channeling our higher self – connecting with fragments on the fourth dimensional plane, or information from the fifth dimensional plane and reintegrating them in our third dimensional experience.

Because it is a quartz, it is easily programmable and will hold the resonance of intentions for quite some time. This makes it important to thoroughly cleanse before usage – burying it underground or clearing it in salt water bath over night. It will be useful to program it by meditation once, and then allow it to do the work on it’s own. If the energy work is kept private it will not require cleansing or reprogramming for some time.


Color: Clear – Purity, Clarity, Freedom

Crystalline Structure: Trigonal/Hexagonal – Illuminating, Guiding, Creating, Manifesting

Chakra Association: All Chakras

Energy Type: Feminine

Elemental Association: Water, Air

Planetary Association: Chiron

Astrological Association: Virgo

General Application: Fourth House

Quality Level: Collector

Locality: Pakistan

Mineral Group: Oxides

Hardness: 7/10


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