Hematite Specimens

The botryoidal masses of iron ore come from the deserts of Morocco. Super shiny and bubbly, they make for an interesting contrast to the typically seen tumbled variety. Almost wet in appearance with iron oxidation forms a nice contrast on each of these individual aesthetic specimens. Hand-selected from thousands of pieces, these represent the top percentile of Moroccan hematites.


Metaphysical Application

Hematite, or haematite is a great stone for those who want to need to experience a feeling of safety, security, having enough, and being enough in their daily work, activities and experiences.

Hematite is a dark and reflective stone to use for healing issues in the the matters of income, work, habits and values. The energetic properties of this crystal structure assist in guiding you through blockages and helping you create opportunities on the other side.

The steely gray seriousness of hematite resonate with the sober, grounded tone of the earth star chakra – our source of connection to mother earth, nature, sustenance and security – making this a great energetic match for grounding and transmutation of high density or negative energies. It is a fantastic companion for drawing up sustenance from the earth while drawing higher frequencies to lower realms. The masculine, outward moving energies of this stone connecting with the feminine, inward moving energies of the earth star chakra make this a great companion for balancing masculine and feminine energies within oneself. Hematite therefore balances the animus and anima within us all and helps create clarity with sexual and gender confusions.

The sobering tone of hematite makes it an excellent tool to drop energies lack that have morphed into addictions by replacing them with the natural abundance energies of the earth star chakra. Hematite may be of assistance for over indulging in food, drink, alcohol, drugs, sex, work or other sources of comfort/break from reality by connecting us to our deepest feelings of safety, security, and having “enough”.

It’s reflective sheen is protective by means of discouraging negative energies, and encouraging positive energies from attaching to you by mirroring them. This energetic mirroring force creates a displeasing experience for negative energy, while creating a pleasing experience for positive energy. It’s energetic connection to our life source improves our circulation of life force within ourselves, spreading vitality and warmth while gently moving us away from survival triggers. This new space allows for better concentration and focus in the present moment, allowing us to emotionally connect with our desires and manifest them in a grounded and balanced way.


Color: Gray – Balance, Neutrality, Composure

Crystalline Structure: Trigonal/Hexagonal – Illuminating, Guiding, Creating, Manifesting

Chakra Association: Earth Star Chakra

Energy Type: Feminine and Masculine

Elemental Association: Earth

Planetary Association: Lilith

Astrological Association: Capricorn

General Application: Second House

Quality Level: High Commercial

Locality: Morocco

Mineral Group: Oxide

Hardness: 5.5/10




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