Hemimorphite is a bladed, tabular mineral from the zinc and copper deposits in the Ojuela mine in Durango, Mexico. Mexico has long been famous for its fantastic hemimorphites. Sometimes found as acicular, starburst sprays or blades that resemble flower blooms. Hemimorphite is a beautiful white crystal bedded on a dark chocolate limonite matrix. These could be considered collector grade and each one is totally unique.


Metaphysical Application

Hemimorphite is a great stone for mysticism and direct communication or downloads from higher realms.

Hemimorphite is a bladed translucent stone to use for healing issues in the the matters of spirituality, endings, karma, the subconscious, and what is hidden. The energetic properties of this crystal structure assist in cleansing, clearing and letting things go that prevent you from connecting directly with your higher self and other dimensions.

The bright white clarity of hemimorphite create a tie it to freedom, wholeness and completion, making it a perfect ally for light activation, aura balancing and emotional well-being. It bladed shape cuts energetic blocks tied to past karma, grief, or dysfunctional relationships.

It’s connection to the Divine Gateway chakra open the doors for spiritual ascension and communication with higher vibrational energies, making this a great stone for mediums, psychics, channelers, and intuitive healers to clear their bonds to the third dimension while working in the 5th dimension and above.

The high vibration of hemimorphite counter lower vibrational frequencies like anxiety, depression, and grief while assisting with clearing and purifying the upper chakras.


Color:  Clear – Purity, Clarity, Freedom | White – Perfection, Wholeness, Completion

Crystalline Structure: Orthorhombic – Cleansing, Clearing, Letting Go

Chakra Association: Divine Gateway

Energy Type: Masculine

Elemental Association: Water, Air

Planetary Association: Mercury

Astrological Association: Pisces

General Application: Twelfth House

Quality Level: Collector

Locality: Mexico

Mineral Group: Silicate – Sorosilicate

Hardness: 4.75/10




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