Malachite and Chrysocolla

Malachite and Chrysocolla together are one of the classic combinations of minerals. The contrast is absolutely stunning, but not often does the malachite come in crystal form in these specimens. The Kolwezi mining district in Congo has been producing malachite and chrysocolla for over 100 years, and has produced more malachite and other copper minerals than any other mine in the world. The production of these particular combos is likely to diminish soon because of foreign mining interests in the region.


Metaphysical Application

Malachite and Chrysocola is a great stone for those who want to build and protect relationships that will last the test of time – romantically, personally or professionally.

Malachite and Chrysocolla is a charming, vibrant stone to use for healing issues in the matters of relationships, marriage, contracts, sharing and communication. The energetic properties of this stone encourage protection, and authenticity through divine connection, making this an ideal stone to ensure peaceful and honest communication for new business ventures, relationships, and marriage.

The beautiful contrast of bright blue with deep green connect with the energies of a fun and beautiful relationship that has depth and understanding, allowing you to resonate with, and share this vibration with others. It’s spunk and balance help you attract relationships that are adventurous, healing, interesting and stable.

The energies of water and fire associated with this stone resonate with keeping the fire in a relationship without burning out, passionate but gentle understanding, and comforting emotion without drowning in it. A protective but fluid healing tool with multi-faceted properties that easily works with complex energies.


Color: Green – Heart, Healing, Nature, Serenity | Blue – Peace, Purity, Stability

Crystalline Structure: Monoclinic – Protection, Authenticity, Divine Connection

Chakra Association: Heart Chakra – Anahata | Throat Chakra – Vishuddha

Energy Type: Masculine

Elemental Association: Fire, Water

Planetary Association: Juno

Astrological Association: Libra

General Application: Seventh House

Quality Level: Collector

Locality: Congo

Mineral Group: Carbonate | Silicate

Hardness: 3.35/10


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