Malachite Eggs

These malachite eggs have almost zero fill – they are nearly 100% pure, single-piece eggs cared from blocks of malachite. The Kolwezi mining district in Congo has been producing malachite for polishing and carving for over 100 years, and has produced more malachite and other copper minerals than any other mine in the world. The beautiful contrasting bright and dark emerald banding in malachite really dazzles when polished.


Metaphysical Application

Malachite is a great stone for leaders and others in the public eye who want to connect with themselves more authentically and be seen and understood correctly by large groups of people.

Malachite is a gorgeous and intricate stone to use for healing issues in the matters of career, goals, structure, reputation, and masculinity. The energetic properties of this crystal structure assist in protecting your outward energy – and other’s perception of you by strengthening your connection to your authenticity and the divine.

The powerful, rich colors of malachite connect with the power of your own divinity and natural abundance, absorbing and transmuting the self doubt and ill wishes of others into natural confidence and charisma. It’s complex landscape qualities assist you synergizing your pure authenticity with multiple variable situations like work groups, the general public and circles of friends.

It’s reflective sheen is protective as it bounces dangers, ill-will and negativity away from you, both from self and others, as they cannot naturally be a match to your true vibration. Its fire energy invigorates it’s user to create and manifest from a place of personal power, as well as confront anything that is holding you back with firmly rooted confidence. A great tool to protect the sufferers of gossip, rumors, and ill will from groups, as well as a powerful helper for public relations and marketing.

Being in an environment that understands and respects you makes it easier for you to accomplish your goals with a happy outlook and focus on the next levels of self-actualization.


Color: Green – Heart, Healing, Nature, Serenity

Crystalline Structure: Monoclinic – Protection, Authenticity, Divine Connection

Chakra Association: Heart Chakra – Anahata

Energy Type: Masculine

Elemental Association: Fire

Planetary Association: Jupiter

Astrological Association: Aquarius

General Application: Tenth House

Quality Level: Highest Commercial

Locality: Congo

Mineral Group: Carbonate

Hardness: 3.75/10


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