These marcasite nodules come from the mineral rich Madagascar and are a very limited supply item. They have been gently treated to give them a hint of iridescence that makes them distinctive and beautiful. Marcasite is an iron-sulfide but rarely does it form in such perfect spherical nodules. We have the lion’s share of the worlds supply on hand.


Metaphysical Application

Marcasite is a perfect stone for anyone that wants to change their daily habits in work, health and service without resistance, procrastination or self-sabotage.

Marcasite is a textured, iridescent stone to use for healing issues in the the matters of health, fitness, work habits, and services given.  The energetic properties of this crystal structure assist in clearing and giving everything back to the universe by grounding or transmuting through source.

The iridescent gold colors of marcasite resonate with both the Earth Star Chakra and Galactic Chakra making it the perfect tool to integrate spiritual gifts and downloads into our day-to-day world. It’s masculine qualities assist you in clearing via moving energy through source, as well as spreading your newfound spiritual gifts and downloads energetically.

It’s reflective sheen removes attachments that no longer serve you, bringing you more inner energy and vitality to move forward with your divine will. It’s spiritual and grounding nature allows you to access higher level perspectives to real world issues, making unnecessary belief systems and obstacles instantly and permanently irrelevant.

Dissolving attachments makes it easy to move forward with healthier life patterns. Addictions to substances, food, habits, relationships, dynamics, emotions and patterns is often what causes resistance in the first place, and marcasite can help you see from a high enough perspective that you are already, and have always been, enough.

Resonating with this energy is great for manifesting better daily habits and healthier perspectives – which in turn become your physical and mental well-being.


Color: Gold – Wealth, Success, Status

Crystalline Structure: Orthorhombic – Cleansing, Clearing, Letting Go

Chakra Association: Universal Chakra | Earth Star Chakra

Energy Type: Masculine

Elemental Association: Earth

Planetary Association: Mars

Astrological Association: Capricorn

General Application: Sixth House

Quality Level: Commercial

Locality: Madagascar

Mineral Group: Sulfide

Hardness: 6.25/10


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