Pink Calcite Rhombs

These pink calcite rhombs from Mexico have been acid dipped to round off the harsh edges and are a textbook example of perfect calcite cleavage. This is a rare color from Mexico and these opaque specimens have the added bonus of glowing intensely peach under UV light. In a decade, we may have seen these once or twice – hard to find. We have a small stock.


Pink Calcite is a great stone for radical self acceptance and releasing emotional wounds and scar tissue with ease.

Pink Calcite is a soft beauty that’s a little rough around the edges. The energetic properties of this structure¬† teach you how to compassionately become aware of your divine connection to all that is, drawing that energy down to receive the light of gratitude and unconditional love reverberate throughout your being.

The soft pink and sharp angles very much create a vibe of moving forward in love and gratitude, making this an excellent ally for emotional healing. It is a guidance and manifestation stone, resonating with the ascended master Kwan Yin, the goddess of assistance and compassion. These properties make it a perfect emotional healing ally as it will assist you in finding your traumas and emotional wounds in a soft, gentle, non-judgmental but very authentic and real way.

The chambered structure and linear nature is a perfect symbolic representation of the connections shared with the divine, our ancestors, our inner child and the world at large. A straight forward but gentle reminder that we heal not to fix ourselves, but to love ourselves unconditionally. Healing is done in the dark, and the luminous properties of pink calcite are perfect for reaching upwards energetically to the divine and channeling the light down into our own shadows and darkness, dissipating the dense energies by loving  and accepting ourselves deeply and authentically.

Because this is a stone of divinity lacking the judgement and resistance of the three dimensional existence, its perfect for unravelling unpleasant wounds, and painful emotional scar tissue with ease.


Color: Pink – Love, Beauty, Compassion

Crystalline Structure: Trigonal/Hexagonal – Illuminating, Guiding, Creating, Manifesting

Chakra Association: Crown Chakra

Energy Type: Feminine – Internal Work

Elemental Association: Water

Planetary Association: Ceres

Astrological Association: Cancer

General Application: Fourth House

Quality Level: Commercial

Locality: Mexico

Mineral Group: Carbonates

Hardness: 4/10



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