Rhodochrosite Mini Spheres

Rhodochrosite is one of the most premier collector minerals of all time, and nowhere as produced more rhodochrosite than Argentina. The banded pink mineral usually grows in stalagtites which is unique to this locality. These spheres have been cut and polished from those stalagtites, and that is why the banding is so prominent. Rhodochrosite is a rare mineral, highly prized and we are happy to feature these hand picked mini spheres to represent the species. Production at the mines is slowing down, and it may be soon that rhodochrosite from Argentina is a thing of the past.


Rhodochrosite is great for those who are undoing the work of social conditioning and are on the path to finding their true and vibrant soul purpose for this lifetime.

Rhodochrosite is a loving, sweet, complex stone to use for healing issues in the matters of creativity, romance, joy, and self expression. The energetic properties of this crystal structure help to guide you to manifest new opportunities to be who you were truly meant to be in service to the collective on this earth.

The gentle, sweet colors of rhodochrosite connect you with a calming and compassionate energy that allows you to heal emotional wounds with love in the areas of shame, guilt, abuse, childhood, sexuality and expression. Healing these wounds open your ability to receive inner peace, self forgiveness, retrieve lost memories, move through past life regressions, and restore your inner child. The energy is very much one of a courageous heart that has mastered the wisdom and joy of play in every day activities.

Its marbled complexities collect and organize all of the minutia of your being and desires, helping reveal the healthy and beautiful natural emotions that have been shut down from judgement and shame. It’s calming unconditional love energy allows you heal your heart without shutting down, allowing your inner gifts to resurface and integrate into your being. This is a powerful and beautiful stone to help you love yourself so strongly and unapologetically that you naturally and gracefully resonate with your true soul purpose, and live into it with blissful joy.

By resonating wholly with your true nature, you are able to attract the right love interests, the right opportunities, the right people and the right tools to move you forward in your life’s true purpose in a fun, loving, and blissful way.


Color: Pink – Love, Beauty, Compassion

Crystalline Structure: Trigonal/Hexagonal – Illuminating, Guiding, Creating, Manifesting

Chakra Association: Crown Chakra, Heart Chakra

Energy Type: Feminine

Elemental Association: Fire,Water

Planetary Association: Venus

Astrological Association: Pisces

General Application: Fifth House

Quality Level: Polished

Locality: Argentina

Mineral Group: Carbonates

Hardness: 3.75/10



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