These sulfur crystals have been coming out of Bolivia for years, but we have high-graded tons of material to bring you these fabulous singular crystals. Gemmy, lustrous, electric yellow with skeletal crystal faces, these are really beautiful examples of this element. This would be considered collector grade crystals. The sulfur mines of Bolivia are frequently on fire so the sulfur is not always available. The very few minerals are this yellow without radioactivity. Simply gorgeous.


Metaphysical Application

Sulfur is the ultimate confidence stone, it is a perfect stone for someone that wants to deeply know themselves, and unapologetically show up to the world true, whole and complete.

Sulfur is a bright, intense stone to use for healing issues in the the matters of self, appearances, identity and approach to live. The energetic properties of this crystal structure assist in letting things go that prevent you from being confident and deeply in communion with your truest self.

The electric yellow color of sulfur connect with the fire in your belly, exuberantly tossing around Manipura energy and revving your confidence and sense of self. It’s outward facing masculine qualities help you share your authentic self in the world with passion and charisma.

It’s vibrance shatters self doubt, and helps you deeply trust yourself – connecting many users to latent psychic abilities, and retrieval of personal gifts lost along the way. It’s high energy invigorates it’s user with vitality, and energy, helping them get more done and be more effective. A great tool for finding yourself, understanding your emotions, shadow work, and self actualization.


Color: Yellow – Energetic, Confident, Happy

Crystalline Structure: Orthorhombic – Cleansing, Clearing, Letting Go

Chakra Association:  Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura

Energy Type: Masculine

Elemental Association: Fire

Planetary Association: Uranus

Astrological Association: Aquarius

General Application: First House

Quality Level: Collector

Locality: Bolivia

Mineral Group: Native Element

Hardness: 2/10




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