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Apatite | Yellow Apatite Tumbled Stone from Durungo Mexico | High Quality Yellow Green Gemmy Crystals with Rainbows and Vibrant Color


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Crystals and Minerals are all unique, and while we try to be as descriptive as possible, there is no possible way to describe each specimen exactly. To keep our prices low, we group some items in larger categories. Our specimens may vary slightly in color, shape, dimensions, or weight.

We put in a Virgoan perfectionistic effort to make our descriptions as accurate as humanly possible. We measure, bless, and hand select every single crystal that goes through our shop, and only pick the top 1% of each available on the market to ensure you get the highest quality, most beautiful, and most powerful crystal for your needs.

The universe has a great way of matching the perfect crystal for each buyer – so whichever item you pick – know that it is the perfect one – just for you. By purchasing this item, you are agreeing to participate in this universal law with us, and we are so grateful to have you. Should you prefer to get to know each crystal individually in detail prior to purchase – please follow us on Instagram @virgogemco to get invites to live shows.


You will receive 1 tumble, about .5", chosen at random with love.

These distinctive, wonderfully transparent and gemmy apatite crystals come from Durango, Mexico. For decades, this locality has produced literally billions of crystals. We are lucky to buy directly from the Mexican miners in their homes, so we are able to high grade the absolute finest percentage of these. One of the interesting things about this deposit, is that it is located almost directly in the center of the capital city of Durango. Very few mines, especially of this size, could claim that distinction. It may even be completely unique.

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Apatite is a mesmerizing, gorgeous fiery energy - both reassuring and inspirational. It assists with connecting our hearts desires and personal power, allowing us to manifest our vision with charisma, gratitude and confidence. Excellent for treating imposter syndrome, self-doubt, worry and procrastination. Helps with anxiety related digestive issues and social problems.

Work with apatite if you are starting a new endeavor and need to feel emotional validation and an inner sense of security and personal strength.

Mineral Properties
Crystalline Structure: Trigonal/Hexagonal
Quality Level: Highest Commercial
Locality: Durango City, Durango, Mexico
Mineral Group: Phosphate
Hardness: 5

Metaphysical Correspondences:
Yellow - Energetic, Confident, Happy
Green - Heart, Healing, Nature, Serenity
Trigonal/Hexagonal - Illuminating, Guiding, Creating, Manifesting
Solar Plexus - Confidence, Courage, Power
Heart - Empathy, Relationships, Interpersonal Connectivity, Social Relationships
Masculine - Giving, Changing, Outward Moving
Fire - South | Summer | Wands | Energy, Movement, Passion, Creativity
Sun - Ego, Aspirations, True Self, Personal Will, Conscious Mind, Identity
Sagittarius - OPTIMISM - Energetic, Ambitious, Freedom Loving, Seeker of Challenge, Open to New Ideas and Exploration
Sixth House - Health, Fitness, Systems, Analytical Nature, Pets, Work Habits, Organization, Sense of Usefulness, Service Given

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