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Serpentine | Set of 3 Tumbled Serpentine Mineral | Crystal for Shedding Past Self, Healing Emotional Wounds, Protection, Grounding, Growth


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Crystals and Minerals are all unique, and while we try to be as descriptive as possible, there is no possible way to describe each specimen exactly. To keep our prices low, we group some items in larger categories. Our specimens may vary slightly in color, shape, dimensions, or weight.

We put in a Virgoan perfectionistic effort to make our descriptions as accurate as humanly possible. We measure, bless, and hand select every single crystal that goes through our shop, and only pick the top 1% of each available on the market to ensure you get the highest quality, most beautiful, and most powerful crystal for your needs.

The universe has a great way of matching the perfect crystal for each buyer – so whichever item you pick – know that it is the perfect one – just for you. By purchasing this item, you are agreeing to participate in this universal law with us, and we are so grateful to have you. Should you prefer to get to know each crystal individually in detail prior to purchase – please follow us on Instagram @virgogemco to get invites to live shows.


You will receive three (3) tumbled stones, chosen at random.

Serpentine has a deep, mysterious, other worldly vibe that is deeply connected to the earth and the here and now. It resonates with both the heart chakra and earth chakra, grounding empathy, compassion and emotional growth. The merkebah, a center for astral travel and projection, is centered in the heart chakra, giving serpentine the ability to draw down extrasensory information and information into the physical body.

Excellent tool for "shedding our skin" by working with higher perspectives on past hurts that dissolve resistance and promote integration. It has a protective quality that allows us to move safely through dimensional time, allowing the ability to see, heal, and transmute various hurts in the past, present, future and throughout our familial line, while grounding the new realities in the present moment.

Great tool for feeling the other perspective of those who have hurt you and letting go of taking things personally. Illuminates emotional shadows and helps us accept them without judgement, clearing blockages and allowing energy to flow freely.

Protective in the sense of resilience and vibration - by allowing yourself to dissolve past hurts and understandings you are no longer a match to others that share the same wounds.

Mineral Properties
Crystalline Structure: Trigonal/Hexagonal Quality Level: Commercial
Locality: Peru
Mineral Group: Silicate - Phyllosilicate
Hardness: 4.5

Metaphysical Correspondences:
Green - Heart, Healing, Nature, Serenity
Black - Protection, Mystery, Metamorphosis
Trigonal/Hexagonal - Illuminating, Guiding, Creating, Manifesting
Heart - Empathy, Relationships, Interpersonal Connectivity, Social Relationships
Earth Star - Connection to Earth, Animals, Plants, Life
Feminine - Receiving, Creating, Inward Moving
Fire - South | Summer | Wands | Energy, Movement, Passion, Creativity
Pluto - Deep Psyche, Sexuality, Occult, Shadow, Transformation, Obsession, Darkness
Sagitarius - OPTIMISM - Energetic, Ambitious, Freedom Loving, Seeker of Challenge, Open to New Ideas and Exploration
First House - Self, Appearances, Beginnings, The Body, First Impressions, Attitude, Identity and Approach to Life

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